2023: SUSSEX

The Sussex Business Show is the Premier B2B Tradeshow Experience bringing businesses together from across the County

28th September, 2023

County B2B Event


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Keynote Speakers


Flo Powell
Flo PowellMidnight Communications
Joint Managing Director
James Dempster
James DempsterFox & Bear
Founder, and Managing Director
Female Speaker?
Female Speaker?TBC
Founder, and Managing Director
Gavin Willis
Gavin WillisSearch Seven
Managing Director / CEO

Business Masterclasses



Sept 28th, Thursday 2023
Join us for a fantastic day of business networking at Brighton in East Sussex at The Dome, Corn Exchange, Brighton.
Yaron Engler

Mental Health Matters!

Yaron Engler
"WHO ARE YOU? What are you values? What are you strengths? What do you stand up for? Knowing yourself is the key for real long lasting success in leadership."

Camille Pierson

Wellbeing That Works!!

Camille Pierson
The Float Spa
"The majority of our waking lives is spent at work. Your company isn’t the product you make or even your customers. Your company is your people. Learn how to make your company stronger when you make wellness a priority."

Ben Bennett

Sales Without Selling

Ben Bennett
Second Voice
"The way clients buy products and services has changed forever. The way they think, the way they research, the way they compare. Learn how to win these clients without selling to the."

Alice Reeves

Marketing for Impact

Alice Reeves
The Joyful
"To grow your business, it’s not enough to be good at what you do: you need to think about your IMPACT. Let's explore how even small brands can make a BIG impact and share successful purpose-driven marketing."


28th Sept, Thursday, 2023
If you have an interest in joining experts and business leaders of marketing across Sussex then please register on the website.
Jeremy Jacobs

Failure is an option

Speaker: Jeremy Jacobs
Company: Cookie Jar Consultancy
02:20pm, “Jeremy will show how we must not fear failure and see how, if it had to happen, it can become a positive and empowering experience through the closure of a business."

“Understand Others Better”

Speaker: Roksana Anning
Company: Apex Mindset
“Is it frustrating when people don’t do things your way? Slow to act or make snap decisions, too direct, or too chatty? Everyone’s different, but predictably different. What if I told you, you can understand people better in minutes?."
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Beyond Net Zero

Speaker: Michael Kennard
Company: Compost Club
03:00pm “Listen to this powerful social entrepreneur diverting food waste, regenerating soil and educating on its importance to life on our planet..."

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Start-up Superstar!

Speaker: Roxy van der Post
Company: Myosotis
03:20pm, “Awaiting Content."


28th Sept, Thursday 2023
The Sussex Business Show which is hosted by Network Xpress is delighted to showcase the After Show Party this year.
Paul Bates

Customer Experience Awards

Paul Bates
CleanKill UK
Our Awards Sponsor is Cleankill Pest Control, we will be joined by Paul Bates, who is the Managing Director of the company, and he'll present the three awards on the day.

Sonny Cutting
Tradeshow Speech

Sonny Cutting
Sussex Business Show
This closing speech will include a few thank you messages to sponsors, speakers and associates, plus information about the after show dinner party happening an hour after the tradeshow.

Compere: TBC
Seascape Poems

Compere: TBC
Special Guest
As we close down the tradeshow, exhibitors will be able to listen to the sounds of the sea in their headphones as we transcend our minds into an empty space until we arrive at dinner.

Compere: TBC
Aftershow Party

Compere: TBC
Special Guest
As we open for dinner in the four different restaurants, each with their own flavour, we'll enjoy the day's highlights with comedy and joy, here in Brighton's heart of the city.

Exhibition Stand Pricing


2x2m Expo Stand

2x2m Expo Stand

  • £825+VAT Early Bird
  • 2x2m Soft Shell Space
  • Two Drinks Vouchers
  • 4ft Expo Table / 2 Chairs
  • 4 Social Media Mentions
  • Listing on Live Floorplan
  • 1 Grand Draw Ticket
  • Exhibitor Name Badges
3x2m Expo Stand

3x2m Expo Stand

  • £975+VAT Early Bird
  • 3x2m Soft Shell Space
  • Two Drinks Vouchers
  • 6ft Expo Table / 2 Chairs
  • 8 Social Media Mentions
  • Listing on Live Floorplan
  • 2 Grand Draw Tickets
  • Exhibitor Name Badges
4x2m Expo Stand

4x2m Expo Stand

  • £1175+VAT Early Bird
  • 4x2m Soft Shell Space
  • Two Drinks Vouchers
  • 6ft Expo Table / 3 Chairs
  • 12 Social Media Mentions
  • Listing on Live Floorplan
  • 4 Grand Draw Tickets
  • Exhibitor Name Badges

The Premier B2B Tradeshow for Sussex


10:00am, 28th September, 2023

The Sussex Business Show

Our tradeshow is uniquely positioned to provide your business with a fantastic new and exciting platform to market your organisation and brand in Sussex. Our business show is an informative and invaluable event for you, a true insight into the power of networking and marketing, yet different in the way they encourage a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Network Xpress which hosts the Sussex Business Show is the perfect way to market your brand, face to face with business people from across the Sussex county.

10:00am, 28th September, 2023

Business Event with a Twist

We believe, by introducing a fun element, people will get more out of our event and therefore more for their business. Elements of serious networking combine effortlessly with a fun atmosphere in an effort to make marketing not only easier but more enjoyable too. We have found that too many networking gatherings are formulaic and rigid which doesn’t always allow entrepreneurs to interact as much as they would like. So, we organise themed tradeshows, be it golf, tennis, football or a casino to involve all businesses at the event.

10:00am, 28th September, 2023

Partnering Network Xpress

Running an event involves a lot of prior planning to ensure you get it right on the day. This is no truer than with exhibitions. There’s a whole host of factors to cover, including (but not limited to): keynote and workshop speakers, choice of venue, catering provisions, event dates & exhibition literature. And what’s more is the organiser also have to put the time into source the right kind of quality exhibitors for the events, as well as then promote it to potential visitors, all months in advance of the exhibition, conference or business show.

10:00am, 28th September, 2023

Hybrid B2B Events Sussex

Networking in Sussex is being revolutionised. With a fresh, new style and fun theme to revitalise marketing, our annual Network Xpress show will transform your marketing strategies and tactics so you can enjoy the benefits of economic growth and provide a platform to connect with 100's of business owners. Our new business show is the perfect blend for start-ups, SME's and local entrepreneurs. The Sussex Business Show uses games as an ice breaker, which helps everyone to have fun whilst networking at our business show in Sussex.

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