The Tiger’s Pen

The Tiger’s Pen is designed for start-ups looking for investment, and some Tigers to guide, advise and invest.

Jenny Legg of Training Legs First Aid, Stu Davidson of Construction Cashflow Services, Fliss Lewis of Wool SHReD, Abbie Harris of AbZolve and Liam Murphy of Stix Mindfulness. Well done for entering the Pen in 2023. We hope that you all had a great experience in meeting the investors, pitching and winning.

Tiger's Pen Entrants 2023

We’d love to discuss how you can be a part of our journey. If you’re interested in learning more about The Tiger’s Pen and how we’re poised for success, please reach out to Sonny Cutting.

Tied Up Investors

Thank you to Matt Turner, Damien Burke, Paul Goldsmith, Sara Osterholzer and Andrew Stenning for being our panel judges.

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Any business deal agreed on the day is an unwritten agreement that depends on due diligence checks, and relies on the integrity of both investor and the start up to freely enter the transaction and be fully committed to seeing it through.

However, the deal is solely between the Tiger and the entrepreneur and after additional meetings, if an agreement cannot be reached, neither party is legally obliged to complete the deal. (Refunds are NOT given.)

Network Xpress Ltd / The Sussex Business Show and The Tiger’s Pen remains impartial, as they cannot be involved in the business contract between the two sides. (Each party, whether an investor or an entrant, will each receive TERMS which you must read and agree to before we will accept your entry.)