5th May, Thursday


Sussex Business Show

SBS22 Opens its doors to the public and will showcase a brand new B2B event for Sussex businesses to tap into.


Keynote Speakers

The event will showcase talks with leading Sussex entrepreneurs: Penina Shepherd, Bradley Hatchett and Sam Thomas.


Casino Opens....

We've partnered up with one of the leading Casino companies in Sussex to bring Poker and Roulette to the SBS22 event.


5th May, Thursday


Speed Networking

Join us in the Lounge area of the event, for a brand new style of speed networking to music. (Musical Chairs with SBS22)


Lunchtime Workshops

Capture your imagination in Inspired Leadership, Workplace Wellbeing, Technology Today and Resilience Ace.


The Tiger's Pen

8 start-ups looking for investment will pitch live to tigers in the pen who will guide, advise and potentially invest at SBS22.


5th May, Thursday


The Wellness Lounge

Have you ever wanted to just sit in silence and listen to the ocean or infinite bird songs? Turn your phone off and join us.


Afternoon Workshops

Final workshops of the SBS22 event will be on Cyber Security, Digital Disrupter, Business Diversity and Entrepreneurship.


Customer Service Award

Exhibitors will have all been means tested on their customer service before the show, and now is the time to see who's won?

Event Highlight



May 5th, Thursday
Join us for a fantastic day of business networking, exclusive marketing keynote talks and a live casino themed B2B experience.
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Simon Rand

Kuuleats Local

Brand Innovation

01:00pm, May 5th 2022
“How do we come up with great ideas?” If you want to know how to innovate creatively within a small business, this SME workshop may help you explore your business branding services.
Karen J Burge

Customer Experience

01:20pm, May 5th 2022 If you don't look after your customers, someone else will. So, let's delve into what makes a 'good customer experience', and why customer service should be at the core of business today.

Sue Nelson
Jake Fox


Startup Success

01:40pm, May 5th 2022 What makes a startup successful? In today's workshop we're going to hear from Jake Fox who created Paperound with a wonderful new concept of interns on-demand.

Chris White
Sue Nelson

Breakthrough Funding

Inspired Leadership

02:00pm, May 5th 2022 Inspired leadership comes in many forms, but this special story comes from Sue Nelson, which will showcase the extraordinary rise of Breakthrough Funding, and it's legacy.


05th May, Thursday
If you have an interest in joining experts and business leaders of marketing across Sussex then please register on the website.
Sandra Crathern
Sandra Crathern


Workplace Wellbeing

02:30pm, May 5th 2022
A successful wellbeing programme requires engagement, time and commitment, so does your business have any wellbeing initiatives? No, then you're in the right place.

Andrew Hookway

Extech Cloud

Technology Focus

02:50pm, May 5th 2022
SBS22's tech talk may focus on a few different genres, but you'll only find out by attending the event. Will the technology focus be on past, present or future tech? Only Andrew knows!
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Mo Kanjilal

Watch This Sp_ce

Diversity & Inclusion

03:10pm, May 5th 2022 Diversity and inclusion drive innovation, motivation, results and profits. Harness them effectively, and you will reap the long-term benefits. Without them... What happens?

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Chris White


Cyber Security

03:30pm, May 5th 2022
The Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East exists to support and help protect businesses in the South East of England against cybercrime. Gain invaluable cyber security insights.


05th May, Thursday
The Sussex Business Show which is hosted by Network Xpress is delighted to showcase the Customer Experience Awards this year.
Chris Mansfield
Chris Mansfield

Fusion Business Catalyst

Lead Generation

04:00pm, May 5th 2022 Effective networking isn't just swapping business cards. It's about generating good quality business leads and connections Nationwide. So, would you like to know more?

Bonamy Waddell
Bonamy Waddell

Bon Insight

Data Storytelling

04:20pm, May 5th 2022 Would you like to find out the key areas to use your data to make business decisions with confidence? If the answer is yes, then this workship will be perfect for you!

Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell

Mitchell & Stones

Event Marketing

04:40pm, May 5th 2022 This final workshop of the day will be given by the founder of the Hampshire Business Show. Hear about Josh's journey in business with the highs and the lows of being an event director.

Paul Bates
Paul Bates

CleanKill UK

Customer Experience Awards

05:00pm, May 5th 2022 Our Awards Sponsor is Cleankill Pest Control, and we will be joined by Paul Bates, who is the Managing Director of the company who will present the three awards on the day.