The Director's Hub

The Director's Hub
Sussex's Premier Peer to Peer Group

Running a business shouldn’t be hard work, but at the times it is, therefore it's good to know you can access support and advice when you need it.

The Director's Hub brings together entrepreneurs from all walks of industry and the Hub encourages sharing and growth together. Imagine the scene; an intimate, informal gathering of twelve invigorated business entrepreneurs and one motivational speaker, coming together to offer support and gain priceless advice...

How do I become a member?
You need to be invited by Sonny Cutting to join the hub, we don't offer guest membership as we talk about critical business issues.

Hub Membership - The hub members meet for lunch to enable members to spend more time with their families in the evenings.
Membership to the hub is £300+VAT per annum, and we meet every month - If you cancel your membership for any reason whatsoever, you're liable for the full 12 months membership.

(Membership does not include Food or Beveridge’s at the Lunch Club, so you'll need to buy your own meal or alcoholic drinks, but tea, coffee and nibbles will be supplied free of charge at each and every meeting.)

Contact us for a personal invitation to join the hub.

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