Being Creative At Expos and Conferences

Wouldn’t it be great if you could attract event visitors to your stand without even having to speak to them?

As someone who understands the power of exhibiting at tradeshows, I am keen to help others make the most of these opportunities. Innovation is always well-received at exhibitions, and the last thing that anybody wants when they’re showcasing their business is to blend in, or worse: be singled out as having a lack-lustre stand. But there are a number of creative touches you can make to ensure that you stand out for the right reasons, without breaking the bank.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could attract event visitors to your stand without even having to speak to them? This is often the case if they’re already engaged due to a business’s excellent stand design. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to be bold in your design choices. You’re much more likely to have a busy day engaging with potential clients if you’ve taken the time to create a unique looking stand.

Furthermore, if you’re choosing branded materials to give out on the day, be sure to select products that visitors are likely to use again! Reusable materials like yearly planners and mugs can be great ways to advertise your brand’s message around a variety of businesses.

Another fantastic way to stand out from the crowds is to include interactive elements to your stand. Cakes are brilliant - having visitors engage with your brand for extended periods will ease conversation and create a positive environment.

Additionally, social media can be one of the best tools at your creative disposal. One of the most popular exhibition innovations in recent times has been the Instagram selfie frame, that brings social media to life. Throw in some quirky props and your visitors can have some fun sharing pictures from their own photoshoot, while simultaneously supporting your brand.

I hope this article has inspired some creativity within you and given you some starting points for your own ideas on exhibition innovation, as well as how to correctly draw in audiences with appropriate engagement. Whatever your thoughts are on being unique at tradeshows, make sure you share the finished product on social media, so that your creativity can serve you long after the exhibition’s finished!