A Gamechanger for Network Xpress

Network Xpress has decided to go all in with a bigger show for 2022..... With a real a gamechanger.

Network Xpress’ biggest show yet is due to be launched in 2022, with a refreshed new style and feel, cementing its profile in the B2B event scene. Renowned for more than just B2B trade-shows, Sonny Cutting, the event director has for a number of years hosted trade-shows with a twist. Bringing together game-themed events to break the ice and pioneering conferences offering innovative B2B services, Network Xpress puts the experience on par with functionality and opportunity.

Now however, Network Xpress is pushing the boundaries for what is possible for trade-shows, after a seismic shift in how businesses operate with the 2020 pandemic and lockdowns. The disruption gave Sonny the opportunity to evaluate the different options for the business and evolve into an event that hits the right mark with differing customer demands and needs.

Introducing the Sussex Business Show, a new hybrid event, blending digital and face-to-face seamlessly, on 5th May 2022.

The new Hybrid events model enables Network Xpress to host the day’s events both online as well as in person in live time, via streaming technology. The all-new Sussex Business Show will help businesses, from start-ups to larger SME organisations, to grow, enhance their reputation and make connections across the area.

Its use of latest tech allows for a fantastic business-focused show, whilst catering to the sensitivities surrounding attitudes towards COVID, as well as removing geographical boundaries across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and beyond.

Network Xpress embraces the future today, with features to look forward to at the event including a new infographic showcasing the Network Xpress service portfolio and harnessing augmented reality (AR) to allow visitors to visit the different areas of the show simply by using their own mobile phone. An app also offers a virtual show guide for those who are happy on digital (though a printed one will be available to pick up too, if you so prefer) to keep you informed on timings and what to expect, with four excellent keynote talks and twelve workshop leader masterclasses.

Whilst ushering in the future, utilising such high-end technology, Network Xpress also pays an ode to its past, ensuring its core focus of bringing life to outdated B2B events is achieved. The Sussex Business Show will have a casino theme to showcase a full deck of professionals and to make sure they win big on the day. The day will also feature well-received aspects of previous shows, such as the Customer Experience Award and other bonuses.

Get the date in the diary early, and register for exhibition stands, sponsorship or express an interest in joining us with free tickets to this new and exciting county-wide event. If you have an interest in joining leading experts and business leaders across Sussex, then please register your interest on the website sussexbizshow.com or search social media - @SussexBizShow.