2020 Business Review of Network Xpress

In March 2020, Net XP held the East Sussex Marketing Expo and we re-introduced the world to The Tiger’s Pen.

The event was hosted at the Uckfield Civic Centre in Uckfield, East Sussex and involved lots of local businesses.

The Tiger’s Pen was a great success for start-ups looking for investment, and some Tigers to guide, advise and invest. Thus far, The Tiger’s Pen has helped six businesses flourish to meet their full capacity.

Then later in March COVID came in to affect and the country went into a lockdown and a pandemic hit everyone on the planet. Panic ensued.

At this point, we stopped running face to face events and started to look at different alternatives to run the business online. We looked at lots of different virtual platforms but settled on Hopin for the Mid Sussex Business Expo which was to run in September with 150 guests who attended virtually.

Network Xpress - known as an innovator and disrupter in Sussex for bringing new ideas and concepts to tradeshows - created a new addition to the brand: The A-Z of Life, The Entrepreneurs Journey!
An eclectic blog is written by successful entrepreneurs across Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and London.

Life can be tough, even more, when you’re trying to start or run your own entrepreneurial venture. Let's give each other more support and help each other collaboratively. If you would like to write an article for this website and the business community. Get in touch with Sonny Cutting.

Then in December, we were ready to run the Sussex Entrepreneurs Conference, like we have done for five years hence, and then this was cancelled due to COVID. All in all, it’s been a horrendous year in the events business, but we’re still very positive as we have the energy to roll into next year with new and exciting events for May and September, all being held online with the REMO platform and partnering Network My Club.