Yoga for Relaxation

Yoga for Relaxation

Let’s talk about yoga. You know that thing, where people apparently contort their bodies into bizarre sounding and bizarre-looking poses (go on, look at the Ear Pressure pose that resembles a snail…)?

It’s not just the millennials in their gym leggings and yoga mats in Bali that can take on yoga. It turns out even though you might raise your eyebrows at the way you need to twist your body, yoga has a whole host of benefits for your health, no matter your age.

Yoga has both physical and mental benefits that increase your overall wellbeing. Physically you can expect increased flexibility – so touching toes are no longer a reach for the stars, improved balance, decreased cholesterol and a reduced risk of heart disease as well. Mentally, yoga has been proven to reduce depression and anxiety as well as enhancing self-awareness and creating an oasis of calm.

If you’re not convinced, and as a business owner you’re thinking ‘that’s all well and good, but I don’t have time for that’, it's worth knowing the possibilities yoga could open for you. Yoga helps bring things into perspective and creates a calmness surrounding you which you can take forth into your business ventures.

There are an estimated 300,000- 460,000 people practising yoga in the UK

Heath benefits of yoga supported by science - decreases stress, relieves anxiety, can improve heart health.

Written by Sonny Cutting - The Sussex Business Show