A shell scheme stand is a pre-fabricated stand that is provided by the exhibition organiser. It is the most common type of stand at expos, as it is a cost-effective way for exhibitors to have a presence at the event. Shell scheme stands are typically made of lightweight materials, such as aluminium or plywood. They are typically a standard size, but they can be customised to fit the needs of the exhibitor. The stands come with a basic structure, but the exhibitor is responsible for providing their own branding and signage. We utilise the Panel and Pole Shell System as it’s quick and very versatile to put up and take down.

Popup banner space

Popup spaces work well for companies who may be doing a tradeshow for the first time or are on a very limited budget. This is perfect for you as an introduction.

2x1m space

We utilise the panel and pole shell system for the whole exhibition event, and a 2x1m space is the smallest one we do. Space for 1 popup banner and a table.

2x2m space

The 2x2m shell stand is by far the best selling soft shell floor space at the show that we offer. Spaces come with a free table and chairs but electrics is an extra cost.

3x2m space

Most companies that utilise a larger space are those who use fabric banners or a modular banner system as they look more pro than a standard popup banners.


4x2m space

Wave styled panel systems can be configured in a variety of ways to create different booth layouts, and they’re lightweight and portable which is perfect for tradeshows.

3×1 space

If choosing a space of this size be sure that the shell panel system fits into the space or use 2-3 popup banners instead. Perfect for banners, not for chairs.

4x1m space

There are a variety of accessories available for soft shell systems including lighting, flooring, and furniture. So, utilise the space to its max potential to make a splash.

3x3m space

With a little planning, you can create a shell space that is both professional and eye-catching, and with a custom shell stand, you’ll stand out at the event.



4x4m space

A more elaborate shell stand with a custom backdrop and lighting is going to be special. With a little planning, you can create a shell space that is one of a kind.


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