Exhibitor Terms

Network Xpress Ltd and the Sussex Business Show highlight our COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.

- Reducing contact by emailing you your printed ticket to bring to the show with you

- Wider isles to help with social distancing and fewer exhibitor stands in the tradespace

- Installing informational signage to encourage personal hygiene and social distancing

- Touch-free, hand sanitising stations available throughout the venue

For the latest information please check with the UK Government website for updates on the coronavirus: COVID-19 status and the WHO (Not the band, but the World Health Organisation) for the latest news and developments.

EXHIBITOR Terms & Conditions

Payment – 25% deposit is required for new exhibitors in advance for our annual show. 10% deposit for returning exhibitors is required to secure an exhibition space,the remainder of the balance is to be paid before May 1st 2023 to secure the early bird price, any payments made after this date will remove the early bird discount, and the full price of the stand will be put on your invoice. For a company to partner us for sponsorship we require 25% upfront and the remainder 3 months before the actual event day. We're able to take payment on our website via the pricing page or on the telephone with a credit card when booking any of the events. Network Xpress Ltd does not store your credit/debit card details on the website.

This information is processed by Go Cardless or direct bank transfer to Network Xpress Ltd. We do NOT accept cheques / or Amex.

Adverts Copy – We offer a printed show guide as part of our event services, we do offer paid advertising within it for exhibitor promotions, sales or marketing, subject to demand.

Cancellations – Cancellations must be made in writing. If a cancellation is made 1 month prior to the event, Network Xpress Ltd will endeavour to sell the space but should this not be possible, the exhibitor will be liable for the FULL stand cost.

Tea / Coffee Vouchers – Exhibitors who’ve paid a full price for an expo stand are entitled to 2 FREE tea / coffee vouchers on the day. Discounted stands or contra deal partner stands need to buy their own tea/coffee etc.

Allotment of Space or Delegate Seating – Stand space will be allocated by the event organisers.

Every effort will be made to meet the general wishes of exhibitors with regard to position, without causing unfairness to others. The event organisers reserve the right to reject any proposed entry, or to cancel an entry without being required to give a reason. In such cases the fees will be refunded.

Sub Letting – Sub Letting Of stand space is not permitted without specific agreement of Network Xpress Ltd.

Health & Safety/Insurance – All exhibitors and delegates of any event that we host is required to have as minimum £1million public liability insurance.

Network Xpress Ltd and the Sussex Business Show shall not be liable for any claims arising from death or bodily injury, damage to or loss of property caused by the exhibitor or any person or company acting on their behalf. Network Xpress Ltd shall be under no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage. The exhibitor’s attention is drawn to the requirements of the Health and Safety Act 1974 with regard to their duties in connection with their work activities towards personnel employed on their stands and towards members of the general public.

Fire Precautions – Fire precautions on stands are the responsibility of the exhibitor. No use of gas cylinders (e.g. calor gas, propane, butane, helium, etc.) are permitted at the event.

Gangways & Fire Exits – Under no circumstances will exhibits, stand dressings, tables and chairs etc. be allowed to encroach into gangways. Please ensure you keep within your stand limits. Please also ensure that you do not obstruct any fire exits at any time.

Security – Network Xpress Ltd will not be responsible under any circumstances, for the safe keeping of an article exhibited or brought into the event by exhibitors or delegates for events.

Electricity – You will need to bring 3-5m extension lead if you have booked electricity for your stand.

Any electrical appliance connected to a plug socket must have been tested by a competent person before it is plugged in and tested. The person or persons responsible for bringing the equipment to the exhibition are the person or persons responsible for ensuring this testing has been carried out.

Event Disruption – If the event is cancelled, postponed or has to be abandoned for reason of war, national emergency, extreme weather, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, explosion, fire, storm, labour dispute, strike, lock-out, force majeure, the non-availability, either all or partially, of the Exhibition venue, or any other cause not within the control of the organisers.

Network Xpress Ltd will be under no liability to the Exhibitor in respect of any actions, claims, losses (including consequential losses) costs or expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered or incurred by the Exhibitor, as the result of the occurrence of any such events.

Music/Undue Noise – Exhibitors who play any form of recorded music for background purposes are required to check to see if they need to obtain a PPL licence. No exhibitor shall be allowed to shout or call attention to their goods, or use any equipment which may cause annoyance to other exhibitors or delegates.

Exhibits & Displays – Network Xpress Ltd and the Sussex Business Show only supply a standard 1.4m tressle table on 2x1m and 2x2m stand space and one chair for each paid space. We also only supply free of charge a 1.6m standard tressle table and two chairs for paid stand spaces which are sized 3x1m, 4x1m, 3x2m and 4x2m spaces. Electrics is an extra paid unit, as is special furniture like chrome bar stools, tablecloths, deckchairs or posuer tables. Exhibitors must pay extra for these required services. Network Xpress Ltd and the Sussex Business Show supply each stand holder a shell space. Exhibitors MUST fill in a form on the website before getting a stand space for the Sussex Business Show.
PLEASE BOOK IN FOR THE SHOW AS AN EXHIBITOR ON THIS LINK https://www.sussexbizshow.com/book-a-stand.html

All exhibitor displays must remain in the designated stand space. No screws or similar fixings may be used in any part of the exhibition building. Should any damage occur, the Exhibitor responsible will be liable for any repair charges incurred.
Refuse Disposal & Packing Materials – Specific refuse points will be advised. All exhibitors are responsible for disposing of their own refuse and to ensure no build-up of waste materials occur. No storage for packing cases or packing materials is provided within the exhibition halls. Any such materials must be removed from the exhibition halls before the exhibition opens.

Arrival & Departure – Set up and breakdown times can be found on the information sheet provided to exhibitors or delegates for events on receipt of booking confirmation. Exhibitors, their contractors and agents are required to man their stands at all times whilst the exhibition is open to the public and vacate the venue by no later than 5:00pm on the day. Any costs incurred by Network Xpress Ltd for failure to vacate by this time will be passed on to the exhibitor. When unloading and loading exhibitor equipment by car, exhibitors are required to unload/load at the time specified and not to leave their cars parked in the loading area. Exhibitors must unload/load and immediately find an appropriate car parking space.

Appeals Competitions, raffles etc. – Companies/sole traders wishing to make appeals or run competitions must first write to obtain permission from the organisers.

Charities – All charities must produce a valid certificate of registration before booking if they require 10% discount.

Dogs – Only guide dogs for blind or visually impaired persons will be permitted.

Smoking – There is a strict no smoking rule within the exhibition and conference halls.

Exhibitors’ and Delegates’ Responsibilities – Exhibitors will undertake to act in accordance with the law, and indemnify Network Xpress Ltd in relation to advice given and/or claims made in connection with a product or service they offer.

Exhibitors must not pack down or exit early before the event officially ends. Our events run from 10:00am - 5:00pm and we require all exhibitors to not pack up until the show has ended. This is due to health and safety concerns at the event.

Smoking – There is a strict no smoking rule within the exhibition and conference halls.

Exhibitors’ Responsibilities – Exhibitors will undertake to act in accordance with the law, and indemnify Network Xpress Ltd in relation to advice given and/or claims made in connection with a product or service they offer. Penalties’ exiting early before the event officially ends is not allowed. Our events run from 10:00am - 5:00pm and we require all exhibitors and sponsors to not pack up until The Sussex Business Show has ended. This is due to health and safety concerns at the event. If an exhibitor packs up before the official end of a show, then a penalty may be issued against a company.

Registered Address: Network Xpress Ltd
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