Brighton Dome

The Brighton Dome Factor

Whilst just last month, Van Gogh was exhibited triumphantly there, this month the Brighton Dome dazzled and shone with the vibrancy of over 100 exhibitors. Iconic and well-loved on the Brighton scene and further afield, the Dome has a rich history of royalty, arts and now of course, the Sussex Business Show.

Upon entering the show you could almost feel the excitement and energy in the room from exhibitors and guests alike. Countless bold brand colours, prizes galore and interest-piquing slogans surrounded you.

Attention was grabbed by larger-than-life stands, featuring a massage chair for those needing some time off their feet, as well as a roaring F1 racing car. Drawing out the most competitive of spirits, the F1 racing car was a hit, providing entertainment for those watching on.

The Gaming Twist

Attendees were avidly engaged by these displays and more, creating a buzz that resonated throughout the venue.

In fact, more than 25% of the exhibitors incorporated a gaming element to their stands to help entice visitors. This approach not only injected a sense of fun, but also proved to be a game-changer for engagement.

Visitors responded positively to the interactive stands, fostering a more dynamic and participatory atmosphere.