Survey Feedback


The ongoing quest to make the 2024 Sussex Business Show better

In 2023, we sought to ask the big questions. Why? We wanted all the feedback—the good, the bad, and the ugly—from our 100+ exhibitors.

This feedback is critical for improvements and to make sure we are nailing the things that are important to our exhibitors for future shows. We received feature-rich responses from our 80+ exhibitors who took the time to fill out the questionnaire.

Insight 6 and the testing process

Shaping the survey and ensuring rigorous results was the responsibility of the customer experience company, Insight 6. Paul Matthews, who is Insight 6 Director for the local region of Sussex, led the survey and gave us direction on how to collate the best feedback.

Before launching the survey to our exhibitors, we were able to test it with a small group to check its clarity and effectiveness.

This tailoring would give us the feedback we needed to roll out an even more successful event in 2024.

Beyond standard survey platforms

In previous years, we had used a free standard survey platform. While useful in some ways, we found it didn’t drill down into the habits of attendees at the show, nor did it allow us to dive into the needs of the exhibitors.

We knew we needed to hone this process and hire an expert to help us uncover the most useful parts. Bringing in Insight 6 gave us this opportunity.

Results so far…

The headline to be celebrated is that 91% of exhibitors who responded have said that they will return next year. Achieving such positive results, even with much room for improvement, fills us with confidence for the ongoing success and reception of the show.

We’re taking onboard other suggestions for improvement from exhibitors and guests alike, including in areas such as food and drink facilities, announcements, and registration.

Having such in-depth feedback has been excellent for us to refine the processes, troubleshoot the problems, and announce with conviction that 2024 will be better than ever before.

Insight 6’s survey and CX platform broke down the visitor Reports, Exhibitor Reports, Sentiment Analysis and Action Plan into understandable and useful feedback. It has given us a laser focus on what is important and what needs to be improved for next year’s event.

We are confident that with the results from Insight 6, we can make informed decisions that will boost the user experience for all.

Survey Feedback