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Natasha Kingdon

Natasha Kingdon

Event copywriter with over 10 years experience helping businesses bust the blank page, with strategic, research-based copy that resonates with customers all over the world.

Sonny Cutting

New Member

New Members

As we grow the team, our freelance workforce and dedicated inhouse team will be added here to show what they specialise in with Network Xpress for B2B marketing, sales & innovation.

The Event Entrepreneur

Our offices are located in Hove.

Network Xpress Ltd

Sussex Business Show, The Directors’ Hub, The Tiger’s Pen and The Entrepreneur’s Blog UK are all event services under our brand portfolio.

Offices at Hove Business Centre, Fonthill Road, East Sussex. BN3 6HA

Network Xpress works with a freelance workforce in the local region as we don’t have a dedicated team, so it’s easier to scale up and down very quickly utilising these wonderful businesses. Thank you to Natasha Kingdon, Martin Leppard, Lyndsey Lee and Carol Whitney for your help.