The Tiger's Pen Investor

Roaring Tiger’s & Entrepreneurs…

And finally, The Tiger’s Pen, a unique opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas for investment and guidance, was a roaring success.

Following feedback from previous shows, the Tiger’s Pen was hosted away from the main venue at the Jubilee Library with the BIPC. The exclusive venue created a dynamic and inviting atmosphere which all enjoyed.

Originally designed with start-ups in mind, The Tiger’s Pen offers more than just investment, with the Tigers also offering guidance, advice and wisdom from decades of experience. So far, the venture has helped several businesses flourish and grow far beyond their humble roots.

The opportunity is for energetic entrepreneurs wanting to take the reins of their business and strive to achieve. The jungle is alive with fresh prospects and with new investor Tigers requesting to join, keep your ears open for their roars.

If you’d like more info on the Pen, visit The Tiger’s Pen.