The Directors' Hub

The Directors’ Hub

‘The hub is levelling up my knowledge, network & experience, which as a new business is invaluable.’ – Bruce Bignell, Evolve

The Directors’ Hub – once you’re an established LTD company and a Director – gives you a safe space to talk and rant and seek like-minded individuals.

Like many good ideas, the spark of the Directors’ Hub came over a pint in the pub.

In 2019, Sonny was helping a friend who was having issues in her business with a customer management system. Despite paying a website company, the updates she needed to stop her website from getting hacked, were unfortunately not included. Sonny also shared the challenge he was facing with time management for his accounts and bookkeeping. After discussing a few solutions between the pair, they exchanged ideas and helped each other.

It was then, over the pint, that the idea of the Directors’ Hub first came to Sonny.

What if there was a hub to bring directors and founders together to discuss and problem-solve common issues?

And so, The Directors’ Hub came to be.

Whilst initially in locations such as the Grand Hotel and Malmaison in Brighton Marina, room hires were proving to be a sticking point on costs. After some searching, networking and more conversations, Sonny eventually found the perfect spot at The Sportsman in Hassocks.

Over the years, the hub grew, and soon it was clear that the members were travelling far and wide to get to Hassocks. The group was spiralling into a far bigger crowd than initially desired for an intimate safe business space.

The solution was clear: more hubs across Sussex were needed.

The Directors’ Hub has now grown from one group in Hurst to eight in four years and more groups are in the mix to support founders and directors alike in 2024. Find out more about The Directors’ Hub on the site.